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Book Chapters Published 2018-19

Sr. No. Name of the author/s Name of the Chapter Name of the book Name of the publisher Date/Year of publication
1 Vivek Saurav Importance of Corporate Governance vis-à-vis the increasing Non-Performing Assets in the Indian Banking Sector Legal Dynamics - A Compilation of Recent Developing Trends in Law and Society Infinity Publishing Dec-18
Sr. No. Year Authors Title Of Paper Journal Name
1 2018-19 Ms Pallavi Rallan A Review of the Indian Tourism Industry Emperor International Journal of Finance and Management Research
2 2018-19 Mrs. Richa Kalpesh Saxena, Mr. Sandeep Aggarwal, Ms. Anupama Aggarwal Operations Analytics: Call Center Optimization Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research (AJMR)
3 2018-19 Mrs. Richa K Saxena, Ms. Shubhi Goel, Mr. Somin Raiyani, Mr. Siddharth Jain, Ms. Soumya Agarwal, Ms. Swastika Thakur Impact of television Advertising on Social Awareness of Children Asian Journal of Multidimensional Research (AJMR)
4 2018-19 Dr. Akshay Damani An Empirical Study of Market Timing Abilities of Mutual Fund Managers in India Finance India
5 2018-19 Dr Mona Bhalla A study to understand the consumption pattern of Middle Class Indians International Journal of Scientific Research And Review
6 2018-19 Ms Pallavi Rallan A study to understand the consumption pattern of Middle Class Indians International Journal of Scientific Research And Review
7 2018-19 Kanishka Gupta, Sweta Goel, Prakash Bhatia INTELLECTUAL CAPITAL REPORTING PRACTICES OF SELECTED INDIAN COMPANIES Journal of International Finance and Economics
8 2018-19 Dr Praveen Saxena MEASURING THE EFFECTIVENESS OF TRAINING PROGRAMMES : A CRITICAL REVIEW International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research
9 2018-19 Kushagra Goel, Dr. Sunny Oswal*, Akshit Lakhotia-student Real Options in Corporate India: A Usability Testing for Decision Analysis International Journal of Management Technology and Engineering
10 2018-19 Ms. Tejaswini Angre Mathematics in financial market International Journal of Advance Research Ideas and Innovations in Technology
11 2018-19 Ms. Tejaswini Angre Study on Travel and Living- A Quantitative Approach International Travel International Journal of Innovative Science & Research Technology
12 2018-19 Ms.Vandana Bharadi, Nidhi Mishra Breast Cancer Diagnosis Using Data Mining Classification Techniques Using WEKS STM Journals
13 2018-19 Swarita De Exploring the Pillar of Economic and Institutional Regime of Knowledge Economy in India Mahila Pratishtha
14 2018-19 Diwahar Sunder Nadar, Nidhi Navalkha, Priyadharshini Nair, Tanvi Joshi Empirical identification of drivers of Du Pont Model:
The case of Indian manufacturing strata
UNNAYAN : International Bulletin of Management and Economics
15 2018-19 Kanishka Gupta, Dr. Sweta Goel, Dr. Prakash Bhatia An Analysis of Intellectual Capital and Firms’ Profitability: with Reference to Indian IT Companies NMIMS Management Review
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