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Best Practice @ NMIMS

Best Practice successfully implemented by NMIMS.

1. Title of the Practice

Inculcating the spirit of Research and nurturing Research inquisitiveness

2. Objectives of the Practice

  • To create an ecosystem for Research and Innovation
  • To encourage faculty and students to undertake high-quality interdisciplinary research
  • To create a Research-friendly environment and infrastructure
  • To create own intellectual property and attain IPRs

3. The context

Research is an indispensable part of higher education, crucial for the development of policies and practices that can improve the quality of education in the academic field. This motivated NMIMS to strengthen R&D activity that focuses on various independent domains and encourages multi-disciplinary research.

4. The Practice

  • Modernization of laboratories
  • Research Incentive schemes
  • Seed Grant for Research projects
  • Conference Sponsorships for faculty
  • Scholarship for PhD students.

5. Evidence of Success

  • Increase in the Research grants obtained year after year
  • Increase in number of Research papers in indexed journals
  • Increase in NMIMS average Impact factor to 3.3
  • Increase in H NMIMS University Index of NMIMS to 60
  • Increase in number of Patents Granted
  • Increase in number of Patents Granted
  • Increase in the Research Incentive disbursed to faculty

6. Problems Encountered and Resources Required

  • Reduction in workload of Researchers leading to recruiting of more qualified, experienced faculty (to fill the gap) is proving challenging.
  • Despite best efforts to encourage Research, there is still, room for improvement to become a Research focused University.
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