Ph.D. in Science

Realise your dream to reach the pinnacle in the field of Science through advanced studies, backed by research.

Ph.D. in Science

The Ph.D. in Science program is offered with specialization in Biological Sciences and Chemistry. The emphasis is being laid on the overall development of research skills for cutting-edge interdisciplinary research coupled with an expansion of students' knowledge base in a particular area of specialization.

*Assured scholarship of INR 2 Lacs per annum.

Ph.D. in Science (Biological Sciences)

Research Domains

  • Cancer Biology
  • Stress Biology, Enzymology, Metabolite production,
    Microbiome analysis
  • Translational Phytochemistry

  • Telomere biology and Gene Editing
  • Nano drug delivery systems
  • Bioinformatics
  • Glycation, Fermentation and toxicity

Ph.D. in Science (Chemistry)

Research Domains

  • Nanomaterials for Photocatalysis
  • Nano drug delivery systems
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry

  • Nanomaterlals and Nanocompos ltes for Sustainable Energy Storage

3 to 6 Years

In take Capacity
30 Seats


  • Master's degree minimum 55% marks in aggregate OR equivalent grade
  • Biological Sciences:

  • Master's degree in any branch of Biological Sciences including any one of these subjects: Microbiology, Biochemistry, Life Science, Biotechnology, Botany, Zoology, Applied Biology, Bioinformatics, Biodiversity, Environmental Science, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Food Science and Nutrition or
  • A degree in allied fields such as M.E. / M. Tech. (Biotechnology and Biochemical Engineering), M. Pharm. or M.B.B.S., B.A.M.S., B.D.S., Masters in Veterinary Sciences (M.V.Sc.) or
  • An equivalent degree from a foreign educational Institution accredited by an Assessment and Accreditation Agency
  • Chemistry:

  • Master's degree in any branch of Chemical Sciences, Material Science, Biochemistry, Bioanalytical Chemistry, Nutraceuticals, Nanoscience or
  • An equivalent degree from a foreign educational Institution accredited by an Assessment and Accreditation Agency

Illustrious Alumni

• Dr.Maneka Hoonjan - Science writer,JOVE, Mumbai
Thesis title - Synthesis of B ocompatible Arsenic Tr oxide Nanoparticles and Study of their Mechanism of Action in-vitro on Prostate Cancer Cell Lines

• Dr. Divya Desai - PostdoctoralResearch FellO\V at HMRI,caltech University, USA
Thesis title - Rol e of Polycomb Repress ve Comp exes in Neuronal Lineage Differentiation from Human Pluripotent Stem Cells

• Dr.Mugdha Kunte - Senior Research Officer, HiMedia aboratories Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai
Thesis title - Effect of microalgalextracts on human matrix metalloproteinase

• Dr.Gita Singh - Postdoctoral Fellow, University College Dublin,Ireland
Thesis title - Development of Commercially Feasible Cost Effective Super capacitors Based on Conducting Polymers and Metal Ferrites

• Dr.Amruta Tambe - Research Associate,ZydusCadi a HealthcareLtd.,Vadodara, Gujarat
Thesis title - Isolation of bio-active constituents from Boswelliaserrata and their solubility enhancement study

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