In an era marked by unprecedented technological advancements and complex societal challenges, the traditional paradigms of scientific research and knowledge dissemination are rapidly evolving. Open Science emerges as a beacon of innovation, embodying the principles of transparency, collaboration, and accessibility crucial for addressing the intricate problems facing our world today. At NMIMS Deemed-to-be -University along with the other project partners aim to pave the way for more inclusive and impactful scientific community that leverages the power of open collaboration and knowledge exchange. 

About Open - Asia Project

Open -Asia: Boosting engagement of HEIS in Open Science in India and Malaysia Reference No 101128493 is funded by the ERASMUS + an European Union program that supports education, training, youth and sport in Europe and Central Board of Higher Education (CBHE). The vision of the project is to engage the open science approach i.e., a modern movement that plays a crucial role in supporting the growth of digital economy, enhancing connectivity, strengthening digital infrastructure, and shaping institutional policies by promoting transparency, collaboration and open access to scientific knowledge. The Open Asia project a three-year long project (2024-2026) implemented on 1st January 2024. Read More

Open Asia Grant: Sum of EUR 888,579 is Co-funded by ERASMUS+ of the European Union.

Project Partners

The project consortium consists of nine project partners from round the world – four from Europe and five from Asia. NMIMS Deemed-to-be -University is appointed as a lead coordinator of the Open - Asia project and EDPRI as a coordinator of the project. The other partner countries which include institutions from the following:








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The objectives of the OPEN-ASIA project:

The objectives, of the OPEN-ASIA project, aim to tackle challenges faced by partners of higher educational institutions at national, institutional, and individual levels. This will elevate the competitiveness of higher education and research in India and Malaysia, enhancing their significance as poles of excellence and increasing standards in society.

formation of university nmims working group

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