Prof. N. Siva Kumar
Senior Professor,Biochemistry Department
Department and Coordinator UGC-SAP-DRS-1,School of Life Sciences
Director Office of Global E

N. Siva Kumar, a Senior Professor in Biochemistry is an independent researcher, an eminent teacher for 35 years. His academic accomplishments are exceptional. With expertise in the area of protein biochemistry, glycobiology, the nominee developed new affinity
methods, purified several biologically important proteins from legume and non-legume seeds
(lectins, glycosidases, their glycan structures analysed) and established their structure-
function relationships. His initial hypothesis on understanding the physiological and
evolutionary significance of Mannose 6-phosphate receptors (MPR 46 and 300) in lysosomal
biogenesis, in the animal kingdom. His work unequivocally confirmed that the MPR 46 is the
most ancient receptor in evolution and MPR300 evolved by gene duplication in the higher
organisms. Major contributions including the phosphomannooligosaccharide and lysosomal
enzyme nanoparticles preparation has potential for use in drug delivery systems. He had mentored several postdocs, 20 Ph.Ds, including Dr. Mohamad Javed Ali, Bhatnagar Awardee, has worked
on Glycobiology of human lacrimal gland. 

He played a key role in developing international programs. A recipient of several awards for teaching and research, UGC mid career, DAAD Visiting Professorship in Germany and Director International Affairs