Prof. Dr. Rafael de Miguel González
HARMONY Project Grant Coordinator
Associate Dean of International Relations
Faculty of Education
University of Zaragoza

Prof. Dr. Rafael de Miguel González is geographer, Master and Doctor by the University of Paris (France). He is Professor of Geography Education at the University of Zaragoza, where he is also Associate Dean of International Relations. Visiting professor at 24 universities in Europe, the United States, Latin America and China, he has coordinated Geography and History teacher training program (Master's Degree). With 184 publications, Prof. Rafael de Miguel is one of the Top 20 worldwide scholars in geography education at Google Scholar

Director of the Editorial Series Key Challenges in Geography (Springer) and Editorial Board of Journals on geography. He has presented 141 papers and presentations at national and international conferences, but laso participated at 68 research projects, of which 28 projects as principal researcher. Some of these projects have been awarded internationally by the European Commission, BELMA  or Geospatial World.
Member, Academia Europea  Board member, Royal Geographical Society of Spain. Regional contact for Spain, Geographical Education Commission of the International Geographical Union. 

He is the President of the European Association of Geographers (EUROGEO), and consequently EUROGEO representative at  European Alliance for the Social Sciences and the Humanities, United Nations (UNHABITAT; Comission of Social Development; NGO Committee) and the Council of Europe Landscape Convention